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The 1965 Watts Riot (Situationist International) →

But who has defended the Los Angeles rioters in the terms they deserve?

We will. Let the economists fret over the $27 million lost, and the city planners sigh over one of their most beautiful supermarkets gone up in smoke, and McIntyre blubber over his slain deputy sheriff. Let the sociologists bemoan the absurdity and intoxication of this rebellion. The role of a revolutionary publication is not only to justify the Los Angeles insurgents, but to help elucidate their perspectives, to explain theoretically the truth for which such practical action expresses the search.

DOUBLE BURST, published March 15th, 2014, is a double-feature print publication of new poems by Ted Rees and Jared Stanley released on the occasion of Ted’s reading at Hearts Desire. Digital version available soon.

This month, the organizers of the Bay Area Public School wish to share their views on money and how our project attempts to relate to money. To kick off our Money Talk series is Michael Nicoloff. →


There’s been plenty of talk in Bay Area Public School (BAPS) organizing meetings about how to talk more publicly about the BAPS’s relationship to money. Do we need a class or discussion group? A publication or report of some kind? A different kind of finance committee meeting? Any one of those has…


Julia Drescher & C.J. Martin | 2014 | 13” x 19” Giclée Print | Signed


Julia Drescher & C.J. Martin | 2014 | 13” x 19” Giclée Print | Signed


C.J. Martin and Charles Alexander reading at Tiny Park Gallery in Austin, TX, on 4-12-14. Fun Party Reading Series.

Paul Ebenkamp - http://afterundisclosedrecipients.blogspot.com/

also a group of poems recently appearing in DUSIE 15


unfortunately missed this Canessa Park group reading last month, which included Jack Frost, David Brazil and Evan Kennedy, but Sara Larsen filmed it in three parts, posted below