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last night the generous David Brazil hooked me up with his new chap Mass of the Phoenix (A Mina Loy Portal) : after CAConrad’s somatic excercise #46 : printed by Trafficker Press : who’ve just had a massively important release of 5 chapbooks (along with a $35 mix-n-match deal from their inventory) : not only is Trafficker printing incredible poems, but they also enlist those they publish to interview each other : generating some incredible discussion : for e.g. here Monica Peck (who also has an incredible Trafficker chap) asks DZ to talk a little about the concept of “background” : “Background makes me think of Spicer’s furniture, right - the stuff in the room that makes a thing against which the passage of the holy ghost can resonate” : and in Compline Press’ most recent print, The Holy Ghost III & IVDZ elaborates further : which you are able to purchase along with two new full-lengths being put out by Compline : Jackqueline Frost’s The Antidote and DZ’s the ordinary for $25

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